About American Sweeteners

We are a salient manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of products like psyllium, superfood, oil & grain seeds, spices & herbs, and its related products intending to provide a premium quality range of products as per the global set standards.

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American Sweeteners Industries thrives on its vision to produce best in high nutritional foods products solutions

American Sweeteners is heedful of its responsibility towards nature and its consumers. Our organic food products are cultivated and processed unless the use of toxic chemicals. fertilizers, pesticides and other artificial treatments.

What We Make & Supply

We offer more than 45+ nutritional food products including conventional as well as organic and IPM psyllium, herbs, spices, oil seeds, and its relevant products.

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Our Principles


We are committed to Quality. Every product on our shelves must go through a rigorous screening and apttproval process. We sell only 100% organic produce and the highest quality food products.

Eco Friendly

Being an Eco-Friendly brand starts on the inside - with the ingredients. We make it our mission to ensure we do not use ingredients that will harm the environment or filter into the ecosystem.


Innovation is the primary ingredient in everything we do. Through our knowledgeable staff and top-of-the-line equipment, we are able to deliver innovative products faster than before.


Our best results come from teamwork and communication throughout all levels of the company. Our best recipes come from bringing our talents together.